Video and SEO

Video and SEO

Video and SEO

We recently worked in conjunction with an awesome SEO company based out of Nottingham – Exposure Ninja and they are making serious waves in the world of SEO and online marketing.

These guys are the experts on SEO and online marketing and are lead by head ninja Tim Kitchen who is also the number 1 best selling author on the subject!

We travelled around England from the South of the country to the North filming client testimonials for them and all of the companies we spoke to could not have spoken more highly about them.

Exposure Ninja promotional video

On this journey we also produced a number of short company videos for some of their clients and it is these I want to discuss in this blog.

Video is an incredible way for businesses to increase their online visibility, it also brings a website to life and engages with visitors to that site on a much higher level than text.

We were shooting two of these videos a day, working from a set structure of questions that I would customise once I had met the business owner face to face.

The beauty of these videos is that they are simple, they get your message out there and they only take half a working day.

A lot of businesses over pay for videos as the film production company they hire over complicate and therefore over charge.

Here at New Fruit we offer a completely free video consultation – we will tell you how to use video for your specific business and tell you why!

I really do believe that all businesses can benefit from using video in their online marketing campaigns – please feel free to drop me an e-mail and we can start discussing how it could help you.

Rob Hayward – Creative Director

Check out example client videos below:

Classic Interiors promotional video

Mayiclaim promotional video

Here are a few behind the scenes images from different shoots around the UK:




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